Friday, August 27, 2010

Tencent expanding into Taiwan??

A good example of the power of the techniques I previously posted (yes, that's Loooong time ago..)

Tencent announced an acquisition in Thailand yesterday

However,  if you check out Tencent's recruitment web site  you will see they have been hiring Thailand/Taiwan Country Head for some time....

Job Title: Country Manager of Taiwan//Thailand (Full-time)

Reporting Relationship: Report to General Manager, International Business Department

Location: TaiwanThailand

Roles & Responsibilities:

§ Be responsible for the general management of branch office in each country (First 1-2 years in Shenzhen, PRC, and then move back to home country, i.e., Taiwan, Thailand,);

§ Identify new business opportunities in potential international markets. Introduce, evaluate and recommend opportunities to the management team;

§ Define and structure new business agreements and models. Develop business and operation plans for international projects;

§ Negotiate and close strategic and revenue deals and manage existing partners;

§ Communicate and collaborate with cross-functional internal and external teams (product, engineering, sales, legal and top executives).

Required Qualifications:

§ High level of integrity, dedication and motivation, and great passion for the Internet;

§ MBA degree from a prestigious business school, and minimum of 3 years of prior working experience, preferably in the area of consumer product, consumer services, internet, high tech, or professional services;

§ Strong leadership potential as demonstrated by rapid career advancement;

§ Down-to-earth and hardworking, and distinctive problem-solving, analytical skills and business sense;

§ International exposure is a plus;

§ Be familiar with the culture of Taiwan/Thailand;

§ Fluency in English and Chinese.

.... they are also hiring a Taiwan Country Manager??? What for???

Does it mean Tencent is expanding into Taiwan but yet to be announced? stay tuned.....


Friday, January 22, 2010

Standard Chartered Bank (2888.HK)

Obama is proposing a list of new restrictions that basically shut down a number of major profit sources of big banks. No prop desk, no 'sponsoring' of hedge fund...
Does it mean JPMC, ML, GS need to stop their prime brokerage business?

Back to Asia, all markets dropped as a result of the big drop happened in US last night.

Standard Chartered Bank (2888.HK) dropped by 5.5% this morning and I see this a good opportunity to accumulate this stock.

Standard Chartered Bank is not a US bank, its business mainly concentrate on emerging market in Asia, and more and more hedge funds are coming to Asia (most recently Soros), if US banks cannot provide prime brokerage service, the hedge funds guy can to to Asian banks and Standard Chartered Bank will benefit with it strong presence in HK and Singapore, and growing presence in China. In fact, it has just been granted a market maker license in China in the bond market, which itself is a fast growing sector in China.

I will start accumulating this stock, half day closed at HK$108.6, which is even lower than the point when Dubai crisis broke out.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

Consumer Credit in China

An interesting news I picked up today to share with you...

Government is indeed doing whatever it takes to boast domestic consumption in China...
But I doubt the actual effect it will produce. The saving rate in China is over 40%, people do have money to spend but just they don't spend it, how can credit help?

Besides, the pilot project will be in Shanghai where the GDP is among the highest in China, do people there really need credit to accelerate domestic spending?

City tapped to pilot consumer finance by -- SHANGHAI will be among the first cities in China to launch consumer finance companies under a draft plan released yesterday by the nation's banking watchdog.

"Shanghai has been studying a plan for consumer finance...