Tuesday, March 13, 2007

經濟日報醒醒吧 !

香港地辦一份有質素的財經報紙真係好難,經濟日報盤數好唔好我沒有看過,不過佢有D文章質素真係嚇死人,昨天 Money Times有一篇文章寫錯晒,把Basel II 寫成 Basel Tool, 我寫email 給他們,他們完全沒有企圖去改正 (我今天已經check 過)。以下是我比他的email 及他的回郵

Dear Editor,

On p. 17 of Money Times No. 564, on right hand column and inside the article your have mentioned 'Basel Tool'.

I wonder whether you acutally mean Basel II. (as 'Tool' and '2' pronounce almost the same in English)

As Basel I has been in place for long time and seems like your interviewee would not point that out as a 'new event' for HK banking industry in 2007.

Basel II is a newer version of assets risk management guideline for banks and this is the new guidleline that banks in HK are implementing now.


钟思维 Siwei Zhong

Reply From 經濟日報:

Miyaki to Siwei Zhong 钟思维

Dear Siwei Zhong ,

Thank you for opinions !

" Money Times "


Anonymous said...

Ask Money Times to take a look at this link:

Zhong Siwei 鍾思維 said...

In fact I've already done so. I even emailed them the link to the HKMA site for articles related to Basel II !