Thursday, March 1, 2007

Launch of the "Think China Model Portfolio"

Update: 8 March 2007

link to the sample portfolio

As I mentioned the purpose to set up this sample portfolio is to validate my investment insights I covered in this blog.

Today I am practising my view again. I've added two long positions in China Mobile (CHL) and China Construction Bank respectively. I've covered these two companies in HERE and HERE


Happy Chinese New Year !

Starting this year I want to validate my investment ideas with a virtual portfolio which I'll publish in my blog. Here is the link.

It will probably take 3 months' time to fully invest this virtual fund. You shall also read my Disclaimer section in this blog.

The first two positions I've taken are Tencent and CAF which I've covered previously in my blog.

Investment Rules
  1. Initial fund size: US$1M

  2. When a new position is formed, it shall not exceed 30% of market value of the fund NAV, this applies to new or additional position in an asset

  3. No rebalancing will be done in order not to limit the up side of a good position (as opposed to the requirement in most real life funds they will liquidate profitable positions)

  4. Over 80% of the position must be related to China (though this is subjective but you are my judge)

  5. Long or Short positions are allowed

  6. Only invest in assets avalilable to retail investors in HK or US markets, including but not limited to stocks, options, warrants, ETF, index and structured instrument